Why is my insurance so expensive?

May 28, 2021


Why is my car insurance so expensive? Good question, and the answer is complicated. With today's technology available to insurance carriers, they can segment the heck out of a rating process. For example: did you know that when you shop for your auto insurance, the insurance carrier is doing background reports on you and your car(s), which insurance company you have now, and what other people are in your household or living in the same house with you. So in addition to the traditional metrics used for rating car insurance, such as your zip code where you live, your age, gender, your car and your driving record, they are also basing your insurance rate on your credit score, whether or not your car has been in an accident or has a salvage title, your current insurance carrier and what liability limits you have, how long you have been with this insurance carrier, how long you have had continuous car insurance, what other people are living in the same house and whether or not they are rated or excluded. All of these things affect your car insurance rate. Questions? inbox me.